Naturally Blessed Vistas of Melbourne

Melbourne might have the best of city and countryside but does it have a biodiverse ecosystem too? Well, of course it does! The floral and faunal richness of this immaculate city is off the charts and that has been possible only by the consistent efforts of the State authorities who always made it a point not to sacrifice the local green cover for the sake of expanding the urban jungle. And you will be appreciate it even more as you spot the colourful patches of nature over the Land of Oz from the window seat of your Flights to Melbourne.


Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne is a place that works hard every single day of the year to preserve the floral richness of this continent. And the well-tended exhibition of numerous local and international plant species make it worthy of being added to your itinerary. The count of the total number of species that are presently nurtured here has already reached the ten thousand mark and it keeps on increasing with every passing day. The cheap flight to Melbourne from UK are what you need next to experience this explosion of natural beauty personally.


Numerous collections have come into existence in these woods off late and they go by the name of New Caledonia Collection, Australian Forest Walk, Camellia Collection, Cacti and Succulents, New Zealand Collection, Southern China Collection, Viburnum Collection, Tropical Display-Glasshouse, Water Conservation Garden and Roses among others. There is a very strict procedure too to evaluate whether the species being included is worthy of that honour. The main attributes that are tested while including even an herb or fern in this live natural repository are diversity, value, interest and rarity. Keep a tab on the deals related to tickets to Melbourne and you might as well get pretty lucky soon!

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